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At Lake Becking

This is a salt lake in the Murray Sunset National Park. There are several salt lakes, which are collectively known as the pink lakes due to the pink colour of the salt. Apparently it's due to some sort of algae.



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Gypsum loading platform at Nowingi

Long abandoned, but the gypsum sparkled in the sun and we were dwarfed by its size. Apparently the business was eventually bought by CSR.


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At the confluence of the rivers

At the intersection of the Murray-Darling and the Murrumbidgee rivers at Wentworth.


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Top of Mt Crozier

We drove through miles of salt bush and desert to get to our campsite at Mt Crozier, in Murray Sunset national park. Mt Crozier is all of 90m above sea level, but there's no phone reception unless you climb to the top of this mountain, and there are great views over the desert. We had to carry our own water in, but there are composting toilets in the campground - thank goodness !


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River Red Gums at Balranald

Stopped for lunch on the Murrumbidgee river at Balranald. A lovely park with so many beautiful River Red Gums. I wouldn't want to camp here though because gums are reknowed for dropping large branches with no notice.



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